Monday, June 8, 2015

Dope test before recruitment

Punjab government, in its war against drugs, is starting from home. Aimed at checking the entry of drug addicts in the state government services, it has made it mandatory to clear a 'dope test' during recruitment process in all departments of the state government.
The development assumes significance as the demand for conducting dope tests of politicians, who wanted to contest polls, was raised time and again from different quarters. Taking a first step, the state government has decided to implement the same on government service aspirants.
Badal said that necessary amendments must be made in the existing rules to incorporate necessary provisions for ensuring that any person selected for the government service must clear 'dope test' during his medical examination.

"If the report of dope test of any aspirant is found positive, he or she must be debarred from joining the government services," said Badal, adding that this would not only encourage youth to shun away menace of drugs but it would also ensure that healthy officers or officials join the service in the future.
"This is the need of the hour so as to combat the menace of drugs in a more effective manner," he said.

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