Friday, September 12, 2014

'सोपानSTEP': an introduction

‘Sopan-Step’ is a bilingual monthly magazine in English and Hindi
launched by a group of media professionals and grass roots
cooperatives that formed a think tank, India Foundation for Rural
Development Studies (Infords) based in New Delhi
 ‘Sopan Step’ is a 48- page multi-colour magazine that has hit the
market quietly in September 2005 as a means to empower rural people,
cater to their aspirations and link them up with mainstream life and
The content is purely on development issues, sans the hoopla, glamour
and hype of usual media houses. For over eight years, ‘Sopan-Step’ has
been espousing the cause of rural India. In its journey, the magazine
has taken up issue-based campaigns, brought to light success stories,
development models and put forth before its 50,000 strong readership
the very issues that are bogging rural India.
From basic bread and butter issues like electricity, roads, water,
land resources and forest produce, issues that have been highlighted
include women trafficked across rural India to large gaps in the model
of development we pursue for our villages.
The response from readers, intellectuals, voluntary groups, media,
social activists and policymakers who are our core constituency of
readership has been overwhelming and encouraging.
As the Foundation spread its wings beyond Delhi with dedicated
following of about 650 media professionals, ‘Sopan-Step’ gained depth
and readership across states.
Beginning February 2008, we launched the English – Oriya edition of
‘Sopan-Step’ from Bhubaneshwar. State Chief Minister Mr Naveen
Pattanaik unveiled the first issue of ‘Sopan-Step’ on February 3,
2008. Intellectuals, policymakers, media professionals and all
stakeholders in development sector were in attendance to support the
entry of ‘Sopan-Step’ in Orissa.
 ‘Sopan-Step’ is our way of empowering the powerless and lending voice
to rural poor that till now seemed voiceless. About 70 percent of
revenues from the magazine are routed to support our childcare
programmes run by Infords in Delhi and outside.
‘Sopan Step’ is a subscription-based magazine where profits is not the
motive and run as not-for-profit venture in social sector by media
professionals and social sector organizations having large stake in
rural India.
‘Sopan Step’ that’s run professionally is empanelled with Directorate
of Advertising
and Visual Publicity (DAVP) last three years. Our initiative is
supported with advertisements from Government of India, its
departments, ministries and publicity wings. ‘Sopan Step’ also has the
support of private, public sector companies and cooperative that has a
stake in rural India.
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) units of several companies,
trusts and donor organizations are associated with ‘Sopan Step’ in
space buying, marketing, subscriptions and other projects of Infords.
‘Sopan Step’ is regarded as a virgin media venture in rural markets
that remain unexplored to a large extent from development perspective.
Several professionals from media, corporate and social sector have
come forward to support this unique venture that’s carving out a niche
market for itself.
We seek your support for this initiative of ours.
सोपानSTEP Team

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